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Permanon Platinum 1 Litre

330.00 SGD each


Permanon Platinum offers you the one solution for all your surface protection needs.


Permanon Platinum comes in concentrated form upon purchase. To use, dilute the concentration Permanon Platinum with normal water before applying. Once diluted, consume the mixture within 3 weeks. The lifespan of the diluted mixture can be enhanced for another 3 weeks if Permanon is being diluted with distilled water.
As a general guideline, Permanon GmbH recommends users to dilute the concentrate with normal water to obtain a 3% to 10% solution, i.e, a diluted 1 litre solution would consist of 950ml water and 50ml of concentrate (5%). What’s fantastic about Permanon however is that the dilution can be varied and customized according to one’s environment, preferences and needs. Unlike other chemicals that require a very precise mixing ratio in order for the chemicals to be activated, your Permanon Platinum mixture will work despite increasing or decreasing the concentration. And best of all, Permanon even as a full concentrate is non toxic and biodegradable!
As a general guideline, surfaces that are exposed to higher humidity and contamination can be coated with a higher concentration of Permanon. Hence applications within an interior setting (household etc) will require a lower concentration as opposed to applications such as automotive vehicles.


Before sealing up and protecting the surface with Permanon Platinum, it is recommended to have your surface clean thoroughly.You might want to consider getting a Permanon PS Paste to complement with Permanon Platinum. Once your surface is applied with PS Paste, it optimizes in-depth cleaning thoroughly and effectively. It is cleaned down to its capillary/pore structures.
It is perfectly prepared for sealing with the Permanon Platinumwhich will maintain its value. Permanon Platinum nano particles will seal up surface capillaries/pores, prevent virus & bacteria from hiding growing. Contaminants are easier and faster to remove, improving the overall cleanliness of the surface with less effort.



  • Paint Protection System (PPS) provides gloss shine and protect paintwork from ultraviolet dulling effect.
  • Tyre Rim Protection. Prevents brake dust etching
  • All windscreen & mirrors (Water repellent)
  • No juddering effect on windscreen wipers
Boats / Yachts
  • Durable gloss retention properties (Certified by Jotun)
  • Easier maintenance (up to 50% faster), thus reducing maintenance cost
  • Protection against lime, acid minerals, organic contamination (e.g seagull droppings)
  • Resistant against grease, oil, fuels
  • Platinum protective coatings conforms to Boeing’s D6-17487 standard.
  • High gloss surface protection.
  • Easy to use, spray on and wipe off .
  • Reduces aircraft cleaning time significantly (up to 50% faster).
Hotels & Buildings
  • Major savings in exterior and interior maintenance cost (1ml can cover 1 sq meter)
  • Contaminants/dirt are easily and faster to clean off. Improves overall hygiene in pool, spa, lift and washroom.
  • Easy to use and reduce cleaning time significantly
  • Improves surface appearance for a longer period of time compared to traditional methods
  • Reduces the need to use aggressive and potentially more hazardous cleaner
  • Contaminants/dirt are easier and faster to clean off. Improve overall hygiene such as furniture, kitchens, toilets, toys, door knobs, floor tiles etc.
  • Ease of application, spray on and wipe off
  • Reduces cleaning time significantly

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