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iShine Platinum Package

85.00 SGD each


Clean, Shine & Protect Pack for vehicle owners

Every iShine Platinum Package consists of:  
(A)  1 X 120ml Permanon Platinum
(B)  1 X 120ml BrilliantShine 2 in 1 Car Wash Shampoo
(C)  1 X  Spray Bottle (120ml)
(D)  1 X  Applicator Cloth

Application Instruction


Prep/BrilliantShine 2 in 1 Shampoo

1. The BrilliantShine 2 in 1 Car Wash Shampoo is a highly concentrated shampoo targeted at organic stains including bird shit, proteins, tar, oil, grease etc.
2. To use, mix 2 capful to 500ml of water (vary according to how dirty your car is, but normal application will not exceed 2 capfuls usually). Mix the solution then spread on the car, starting with tyre rims (to remove grease and oil) and work your way up to the car roof. Rinse the car with water first if it is heavily soiled or has large physical sediments like sand and mud.
3. *[optional step] *If you have an atomizer at home, or something like a pressurized spray can , we advise customers to mix the shampoo solution in that spray bottle and then spray on the car instead. This way, the soap covers the car surface more evenly and helps break down dirt faster. Wait for 2-3 minutes after spraying/lathering soap on the car. Rinse the dirt away. Use physical agitation on areas like tyre rims if it is very dirty. *[optional step] *A claybar is highly recommended as well and you can use just a few drops of the shampoo on the claybar as a lubricant. The reason for using claybar is that occasionally, shampoo might not be able to remove some dirts and contaminants that is bonded onto the car surface.

Permanon Platinum Protection

1. After preparing the surface, mix 30ml ( minimum recommended volume) of Permanon in spray bottle (* 3capful* of the white liquid, each cap is around 10ml). Dilute with around 60ml of water.
2. Spray on car surface area and spread (surface needs to be generally dry, but not ultra dry, some water droplets is fine) as seen in this video.
3. Wipe dry/buff dry with *a damp micro fibre cloth/chamois cloth* for better lasting shine

BrilliantShine 2 in 1 Car Wash Shampoo

BrilliantShine 2 in 1 Car Wash Shampoo is our own formulated shampoo that is meant to complement with Permanon. We have added some Permanon element into the BrilliantShine. As you wash your car with  BrilliantShine 2 in 1 Car Wash Shampoo , it actually help to top up the Permanon coating on your car too! For your regular car wash, it will be advisable to use our  BrilliantShine 2 in 1 Car Wash Shampoo as other brands of shampoo might not be compatible with Permanon.

General Maintenance And Remarks

For subsequent coats, repeat the process every 2.5 -4 months on all the surface except glasses surface ( if water beading is still effective)
Note: For front windscreen (only) after applying, immediately use water and cloth to remove the excess residue (too thick a layer may cause juddering)

Things to take note of

1. Avoid mixing Permanon Platinum with other products. Permanon Platinum *is meant to be a replacement for wax*
2. When you apply Permanon Platinum on a waxed surface, the Permanon Platinum ends up coating the larger wax molecules. When the wax gets washed off, it carries the Permanon Platinum along away. Be careful of wash-and-wax shampoos as they might leave a thin film of wax on the car that does not last very long!
3. If your car have other water-repellent product on your windscreen, it is recommended to remove them by claying with a claybar. The reason is that Permanon Platinum coating will coat on top of the existing water repellent layer rather than on the windscreen itself. Permanon Platinum might be compatible with your existing water-repellent product, however it will depend on the prior water repellent product used, whether or not application was properly done and the different composition of each water repellent product
4. If you are busy for the week/month and prefer to go to petrol kiosk, simply just request them to spray jet your car with water will do. Avoid using petrol kiosk shampoo as their content of the shampoo might wear off the Permanon Platinum coating due to incompatibility.